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Softcourse is a course format for Moodle that displays sections with only an image and an optional text on the course homepage.


Required version of Moodle

This version works with Moodle version 2018050800 and above within the 3.5 branch until the next release.


1. Ensure you have the version of Moodle as stated above in 'Required version of Moodle'.  This is essential as the
   format relies on underlying core code that is out of our control.
2. Put Moodle in 'Maintenance Mode' ( so that there are no 
   users using it bar you as the administrator - if you have not already done so.
3. Copy 'softcourse' to '/course/format/' if you have not already done so or use github repository (
4. Login as an administrator and follow standard the 'plugin' update notification.  If needed, go to
   'Site administration' -> 'Notifications' if this does not happen.
5.  Put Moodle out of Maintenance Mode.


Click to see a short video on Viméo


The main particularity of this course format is to display only the title of a section and hide all activities and resources on the course homepage. 0-moodle-softcourse-presentation.png

Here are some explanations to use Softcourse.

=== 1. We think is better to add a short description or/and an image to describe or introduce your course.


You can use the first area at the top of the course homepage.


How add a description to introduce your course ?

Add contents (image, text, video, sound) on the course settings page. Click on "edit settings" and go to the "course format" section. You can add your content in the introduction area. 1-moodle-softcourse-cumstom-description.png

=== 2. Custom sections


As in all Moodle courses, you can add your own title for each section (1). If you want to present a more visual course, you can use image to illustrate sections (2). We recommend to use an image with 250px X 150px or a similar ratio.

You can edit the section "Summary" to add a description of the section (3). We recommend to use short text.

How add an image?

Use the "edit image" icon

How change title or summary of a section?

Turn editing on and change content as a classical course

=== 3. Others features


Some information are automatically display for learners : numbers of activities for each section, progress bar. This information are automatically display when you add activities and resources in your course and if you use achievement activity.

Settings and option

Coming soon


We would love to know if you like it, please let us know your [feedback]


Softcourse is a course format for Moodle developed by [Pimenko]

See also

Discussions: please use [Moodle comments] or [Github] Bugs can be reported on [Github]