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==XML in general==
===Where do I find general information about XML?===
* - A host of information and hands-on examples
* - A good starting point
==Moodle XML==
===Is there only one kind of Moodle XML?===
No, there are (at least) two different kinds of Moodle XML:
# one for importing/exporting ''glossaries''
# and one for ''questions'' (quizzes), the latter being the one usually referred to as "Moodle XML".
Then there is XML in the SCORM/IMS packages that Moodle can import and must be able to handle. These packages are educational content that has been marked up in a special way to be able to be used in compatible Learning Management Systems.
The ''course backup and restore'' process also generates an XML file (inside the zip file) that contains all the information about the course.
===Where do I find documentation about Moodle XML?===
* The official documentation: [[Moodle XML]]
* A more thorough documentation: [ Moodle XML format] by Quedoc
: [ Problems when transferring XML format into Moodle]
* [[User:Frank Ralf/Moodle XML1]] (work in progress)
===Are there tools for converting to and from Moodle XML?===
* [ Moodle XML Converter] - allows to create XML from text files. Also can converse Moodle XML into text file. Supports quiz and glossary.
* [ Glossary to XML Converter]
:A simple HTML file which converts TSV data to XML using JavaScript
* Microsoft Office macros:
* OpenOffice XML filters (TBA see [[User:Frank_Ralf/Moodle_XML1#OpenOffice_.26_XML|User:Frank_Ralf/Moodle XML1 > OpenOffice & XML]] for some pointers)
===How can I view and edit XML files?===
XML is just text so you can view and edit it with any text editor. However, this isn't very easy for anything more than a trivial file. There are a number of dedicated XML editors available for many platforms. If you only need to view the XML, most browsers are able to render XML files. Some even let you view the source text and do some basic editing.
== See also ==
; Moodle Docs
* [[Import and export FAQ]]
; Contributed modules and plugins
* [ DocBook Module to Parse DocBook XML]
; Books
* [ No Nonsense XML Web Development With PHP] by Thomas Myer
[[de:XML FAQ]]
[[es:XML FAQ]]

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