Word table format

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Word table format
Type Question format, Microsoft Word table format
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Downloads https://moodle.org/plugins/view.php?plugin=qformat_wordtable
Issues http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/CONTRIB/component/10690
Discussion https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=146284
Maintainer(s) Eoin Campbell

Moodle2Word is a Moodle 1.9 and 2.x add-on that allows question banks to be exported from Moodle into a Word file. The Word file can then be used to quickly review large numbers of questions (either online or in print), or to prepare paper tests (where the answers and feedback is hidden). Questions in the Word table format can also be imported into Moodle.


  • The tables contain all components of a question, including the stem, answer options, option-specific and general feedback, and weights.
  • All the main question types except Calculated questions are supported.
  • With the aid of commands in an external Word template, questions can be re-formatted to hide the answers etc, allowing the questions to be printed as a paper quiz.
  • Questions can be edited in Word, and then imported back into Moodle.
  • The Cloze question syntax is very simple, as it does not require any knowledge of the arcane Moodle syntax; instead, use bold for drop-down menu items, and italic for fill-in text fields.



  • You will need Moodle Administrator rights to fully install the plug-in.
  • You also need write access to the /question/format folder in your Moodle installation.
  • Check that your Moodle installation supports XSLT (for exporting) and CURL (for importing). Log in as Administrator, go to Site Administration -> Server -> PHP info, and view the PHP configuration. Look for the package details for 'curl' and for 'xsl'. If they are not present, then you will need to re-configure PHP and re-start the server.
  • To enable XSLT and/or CURL on your server, open your PHP configuration file (e.g. d:\winmoodle2\server\php\php.ini) and uncomment the lines containing "extension=php_xsl.dll" and "extension=php_curl.dll" by removing the semi-colon before them, if present.


  1. Unzip the PHP source code file (Moodle 2.1 - 2.6) or (Moodle 1.9) in the question/format/ folder of your Moodle server. It will place the PHP code in the folder ecampbell-moodle-question_format_wordtable-xxxxxx.
  2. Rename the folder to 'wordtable'.
  3. Use the Moodle Question Export page to export a Word file. You should see a new item in the File format list, 'wordtable'. Select this item, and choose any question category containing some questions.
  4. You should see the list of question names, and be prompted to save or open a Word file, or else you should click on the link at the bottom of the page.
  5. If you see the error message "You need the XSLT library installed in PHP to save this Word file" (xsltunavailable in non-English installations), then your Moodle configuration is not configured to support exporting to Word format, and you will need to update it. See this forum thread
  6. Regardless of whether the export to Word facility works, use the web-based facility to import a Word file. You should see a new item in the File format list, 'wordtable'. Select this item, and choose any Word file, it doesn't matter what format.
  7. You will be redirected to the registration page, and prompted to register your installation. Most fields are filled in automatically, but you must choose a password.
  8. Submit the form, and you should see a "Registration successful" message in a few moments. You will then be redirected back to the question import page.
  9. Install the appropriate Word template (guest login required) on your PC, and create a question file. Use the question import form to upload and convert the Word file.
  10. If all goes well, your questions should be imported into your course. If not, send me an email at help@moodle2word.net and I will try to help you out.
  11. After you complete the registration process successfully, you will be able to import questions in Word tables into Moodle.

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