WIRIS math & science questions

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WIRIS math & science questions
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WIRIS quizzes is a bunch of new question types for math & science questions. For an overview of WIRIS math tools suite check WIRIS for Moodle.


WIRIS quizzes improves the question types True/False, Multiple choice, Matching, Short answer, Essay, Embedded answers (Cloze)... To sum up, every question type you may come across. The WIRIS quizzes enhancements are summarized in the following list:

  • Formula edition at authoring time and formula visualization at presentation time.
  • WYSIWYG input of formulas in the student answers of open question. Formulas are input in the habitual mathematical notation. Country locales.
  • Syntax validation in student answers. Real time syntax validation if needed.
  • Grading the answers considering mathematical equivalences and criteria. Use WIRIS quizzes studio to choose your assertions for grading.
  • Generating random questions via an algorithm and advanced grading (when it is not sufficient to compare the student answer with the correct answer).
  • Easy inclusion of 2D and 3D graphics in the questions. Such graphics can be optionally generated from random parameters.

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