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Unenrolment is the process of removing users from a course. It is controlled by one or more of the following:

  • The enrolment duration, which unenrols students after the specified time has elapsed
  • For self enrolment, the 'Unenrol inactive after' setting in Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Enrolments > Self enrolment can be set to specify a time after which a student is automatically unenrolled from a course if they haven't accessed it in that time
  • An enrolment plugin may decide that the enrolment has expired, for example, a user name for a course is not present in an LDAP database, or if a Flat file is processed by Cron

In addition, users with the appropriate permission can unenrol themself from a course.

Enrolment duration

The default enrolment duration for manual enrolment can be set in Settings > Course administration > Users > Enrolment methods > Manual enrolment. It can be amended from the default value when enrolling users manually in Settings > Course administration > Users > Enrolled users.

The enrolment duration for self enrolment can be set in Settings > Course administration > Users > Enrolment methods > Self enrolment.

Bulk unenrolment

Users who were previously manually enrolled may be unenrolled in bulk via Settings > Course administraton > Users > Enrolment methods then clicking on the 'Enrol' users icon.

Unenrolment and user data

When a user is unenrolled, their grades are not deleted. If a user is unenrolled accidentally, their grades can be restored by going to Settings > Course administration > Users > Enrolled users, clicking 'Enrol users' and making sure that the 'Recover user's old grades if possible' checkbox is ticked in the enrolment options before re-enrolling the user.