Turnitin's Moodle Direct Integration

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Turnitin's Moodle Direct integration activity module is a standalone Moodle module with the aim of representing the full suite of Turnitin's features within the standard Moodle workflow. The module was developed by nLearning Ltd with the full support and backing of iParadigms, the developers of Turnitin.

Key Features

  • Multi Part Assignments
Each Turnitin Assignment may consist of up to 5 parts, parts can be configured to have start dates, due dates and post dates independent of one another.
  • Real Turnitin Users
The integration maps Moodle users to real Turnitin user accounts for both Instructors and Students, there is the option to disable student emails should an institution not wish to have students log in to Turnitin rather than Moodle.
  • GradeMark / Moodle Grade Book integration
Grades are synchronised between Turnitin's GradeMark and the Moodle grade book
  • Anonymous Marking (UK Only)
Anonymous marking allows student names to be masked from instructors up until the post date
  • Troubleshooting / Diagnostics
Diagnostic mode allows administrators to identify bugs and communication issues by enabling API call logs and displaying line numbers within error messages

Integration Video Walkthroughs

Integration User Guides

Frequently Asked Questions