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Template:Infobox plugin

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Infobox plugin
Type {{{type}}}
Set N/A
Downloads {{{entry}}}
Issues {{{tracker}}}
Discussion {{{discussion}}}
Maintainer(s) {{{maintainer}}}
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Copy and complete the following code to obtain an infobox listing details of the plugin:

{{Infobox plugin
|type = Enter the plugin type e.g. activity, block, filter
|set = (optional) Enter the plugin's set link
|entry = Enter the plugins directory link
|tracker = Enter the Tracker CONTRIB component link
|discussion = Enter the link to the forum or discussion thread
|maintainer = [[User:Maintainer name|Maintainer name]]
|float = (optional) Enter right or left to make the info box float to the respective side.

Note: If there is not yet a discussion thread about the plugin, please create one in the General plugins forum.

This template will also categorize articles that include it as Category:Plugin.