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'''Objective:''' To organize and share resources and "good practices" so that teachers and students have a positive Moodle experience that enhances the learning process.  The resources presented will focus on the pedagogical implementation of Moodle in a classroom setting (whatever that classroom may look like).
[[Geotechnical Engineering]][[Link title]]
*[[The Good Teacher]] - The best place for a teacher contemplating using Moodle in their classroom to start learning as well as a great place for experienced Moodlers to remember why they began using it.
*[[Teaching Do's]] & [[Teaching Don'ts]] - Good general/pedagogical guidelines to consider when setting up a course in Moodle and introducing students to it.
[[Soil Classifcation]]
*[[Learning Activities Overview]] - A list of the different activities available within Moodle, as well as what type of learning strategy they employ, suggested age level, and a link to each activity's pedagogy page.
*[[Moodle Stories]] - This is a subset of the ''[http://moodle.org/mod/forum/view.php?f=127 Moodle Stories]'' forum.  It contains a collection of innovative ways teachers are utilizing [http://www.moodle.org Moodle] in their classroom.  This is a great place for teachers who like the idea of Moodle and what it has to offer, but could benefit from ideas to start from.
*[[Teaching FAQ | Common Teacher Questions (FAQs)]]
*[[Teaching Good Practices (K-12) | Good Practices (K-12)]]
*[[NECC 06 Collaboration Session | NECC 2006 Bird's of a Feather Session]] - Notes from the NECC 2006 Bird's of a Feather Session.  The focus is on using Moodle in educational settings with ideas about how to use it and hints too.
*Using Moodle [http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=61228 How teaching is changing using Moodle] forum discussion
[[fr:Enseigner avec Moodle]]

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Geotechnical EngineeringLink title


Soil Classifcation