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This view is available on in a Course Factory mode. It will propose the possibility to publish the course to any of the proposed remote category.

Publishing is possible :

  • Only from a Factory to a Catalog.
  • On a combined (Factory/Catalog) node, only deployement is possible.
  • If MNET is enabled (obvious).
  • If publishing services are setup between the Factory and a Catalog node.
  • If the user has a peer User record in the remote Catalog (i.e. he must be a known user matching his current identity regarding the MNET operations).
  • If the user has the 'block/publishflow:publish' capability in his current profile resolution.
  • If the course has been assigned an IDNumber (can help tracking course copies across the system).
  • If the course to publish has at least one backup in 'backupdata'.

Typical error situations

Network misconfigured


This interface is shown on a factory when no catalog could be found in the neighborhood. A link is provided to the Moodle administrator to browse to the network discovery back-office. This back-office allows scanning the accessible Moodle Network to get information about peers participating to a course delivery network.

Course without reference


For the publishing network to identify which courses may be published or deployed copy from a source template, we are using the IDNumber as identifying reference. The IDNumber could be obtained manually, when editing the parameters of a course, generated by an ID generator (default), or obtained from a remote indexer developping an adequate plugin.

Note that using the IDNumber as course template identifier could give some trouble to integrators or administrators that already use this external ID for other purpose. A study is in progress to propose a solution that could not impact the core code of Moodle.

Course without usable archive


Any deployment use case assume there is a deployable backup of the course. The deployment and publishing processes will consider the last generated backup as candidate.

Note that the backup IS NOT a full backup procedure such in standard backup operation. The course is backup WITHOUT users not user data, with course files but WITHOUT site files. This is to ensure a full portabilility of the archive between two distinct Moodles.

By the way, for the archive to be deplyable, both sides should have the same plugins installed to avoid unknown features being discarded when deploying back.

To publish a course

  • Just click the "publish" link

Retiring a course

  • You may want to unpublish a course that has been exposed within the Course Catalog. This is posible by unpublishing the course. The remote course WILL NOT be destroyed, but only hidden.

Republish a course

A course being republished is just set to visible state in remote Catalog.

More error situations

These situations can happen at start of the setup.

User has no remote account

factorynoremiteaccount en.jpg

This message comes from the remote end, so "local acocunt" designates a proper user acocunt within the remote "catalog" node. this can be fixed by browsing once to the catalog with your user acocunt (MNET enabled) so your remote user record is available.

This message is only available in debugging mode. Normal operation will NOT show the block to the user in case this situation happens.