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Moodle version with (build number) and copyright

The version of Moodle which your site is using can be found on the notifications page (Site Administration > Notifications).

You can also view version information by opening moodle/version.php file in a text editor. Here is a typical version.php:



// This file defines the current version of the core Moodle code being used.
// This is compared against the values stored in the database to determine
// whether upgrades should be performed (see lib/db/*.php)

   $version = 2006050521;  // YYYYMMDD   = date of the 1.6 branch (don't change)
                           //         X  = release number 1.6.[0,1,2,3...]
                           //          Y = micro-increments between releases

   $release = '1.6.2+';    // Human-friendly version name


Note: You cannot view the contents of version.php in your browser - you must use a text editor.

In earlier versions of Moodle, the version number was sometimes available (depending upon the theme used) by hovering over the Moodle logo on the front page. This functionality was removed in Moodle 1.9.7 onwards for security reasons.