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Questions may be exported from the Quiz module and the Question bank in any one of 4 formats:


  • Select the export tab.
Export tab in Question bank
  • Select the file type for the exported file.
  • Use the pulldown menu to select the question category
  • Check if you want the category name to exported and/or the context (Course is a context).
  • Click on the export questions to file button
  • An HTML popup window will show you the questions which have been exported.
Exported questions screen
  • The file has been saved in your course files (course admin block), backup>quiz.

Example uses of exported files

  • GIFT and Moodle XML formats can be imported into the Lesson module And Question bank via an import question process.
  • Exported question files on one server, can be imported into another Moodle site/server
  • GIFT and Moodle XML formats can be tweaked to create word processing or spreadsheet documents suitable for paper tests or vetting.
  • In case you want to convert your Moodle XML file into text format upload XML to http://moodle.heroku.com. It automatically generates *.txt with your questions

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