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Delete User by Maillist

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This plugin is similar to deleting users with the bulk operation. There are 2 main differences to the bulk operation. One is the search by multiple keywords(emails only in this case). When you have a list of 100 mails and want to delete the users it is much more comfortable with this plugin. The second difference is the confirmation page. Instead of a comma separated list of the users we have a table with more information about each user.


  1. Make sure you have all the required versions.
  2. Download the Delete User by Maillist plugin.
  3. Unzip it into your moodle/blocks/ directory.
  4. Login to you moodle as Administrator and go to Site administration -> Notifications to trigger the installation process.
  5. Turn editing on the home page.
  6. Add the block to the page.
  7. Follow the link in the block to the formula page and start the process(Details described below).

For more information see Installing contributed modules or plugins.


The block can be included by the admin on the main page. The block offers a link to the plugin formula where you can enter the email list. After submit the list you get a confirmation page in steps of 100 users per page. Here you can confirm the deletion of the current listed users step by step.


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You can also find the code on Github.

NOTE: In Github we use an empty master branch. The different plugin versions can be found in special branches for each Moodle version.