Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 3.8. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle may be available here: Dataformview CSV.

Dataformview CSV

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The Dataform CSV view is designed mainly for export/import purposes. This view allows you to predefine which Dataform field can be csv exported/imported, in which order, choose your own custom names for columns (which may be different from the field names) and add flexible input/output data (e.g. human readable dates, entry author info etc.). You may also define different export/import templates (different instances of the csv view) and via the view access permissions allow different roles/users access to a designated export/import instance.


  • In the Dataform activity go to Manage >Views
  • Go to Add a view option and choose Csv

View general settings

View timing

View template


  • Output type - choose your preferred file format for export purposes. The default format is set to CSV. Other options are: excel, calc, etc.
  • Delimiter – define the character which separates each field of the text. The comma character (,) is set as the default character. Other available characters are: semicolon (;) colon (:) and tab (/t).
  • Enclosure – characters that surround each field.
  • Encoding – choose your character encoding.
  • Export fields – choose which fields to export and in what order (first field on the list will be the first column in your csv file). You can also add tags from the field tags with additional data.
  • Field tags - list of additional input you can add to the Export fields.

Export data to a csv file

  • Open view
  • Click Export all or Export page from the menu bar.
  • A csv file will be downloaded to your computer.

Import data from a csv file

  • Click import option in the menu bar.
  • Fields import settings - list of fields to be imported.
  • Csv settings - control file settings and upload file.

Tips and tricks

  • Building personal journal - you can build personal journal for each student where the student report and/or import data from external files to designated fields (e.g. case-noted, performance log, etc.). Use the view permissions to control the access to each view, and the view setting to control export/import fields.