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New feature
in Moodle 3.8!

Moodle 2.6 now has four additional name fields. These fields allow for further detail to be displayed about the user. The additional name fields are:

  • First name - phonetic
  • Surname - phonetic
  • Middle name
  • Alternate name



The display of the user's full name is determined by the capability *Add capability here*



Configuration of the additional name fields is done in the following Administration page [Administration ► Site administration ► Users ► Permissions ► User policies]. The setting to change is "Full name format" (fullnamedisplay). This setting uses the following placeholders:

  • firstname
  • lastname
  • firstnamephonetic
  • lastnamephonetic
  • middlename
  • alternatename
  • language (used on its own to force the use of the language pack)

By default it has the place-holder "language" and it will use the local language pack to determine how user names are displayed. (location: /lang/en/moodle.php - fullnamedisplay)

To enable the additional name fields, just enter in the placeholders into the text box. The order that you enter in the names will be the order that they are displayed around Moodle.

Example 1

First name Surname Middle name Surname - phonetic First name - phonetic
John Doe James Dough Jon

Full name format setting

firstname middlename lastname

will display:

John James Doe

Other characters can be included in the setting such as commas and parenthesis.

Example 2

Full name format setting

lastname firstname (lastnamephonetic firstnamephonetic)

will display:

Doe John (Dough Jon)

Updating the user's profile

Any additional names that are included in the "Full name format" setting will be displayed directly under the text boxes for first name and surname. All other name fields that are not being used are located under the section "Additional names" further down the page.

Upgrade from previous versions

When upgrading to 2.6, the "Full name format" (fullnamedisplay) setting found in [Administration ► Site administration ► Security ► Site policies] will automatically be changed over. All of the additional name fields will be blank.