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Resource List is a contributed code module for Moodle. The Resource List provides a way for instructors to create a resource heading then place course resources under this heading. A Javascript allows the students to expand and collapse the resources listed under each heading. This feature can visually condenses a course.

The Resource List uses the standard Moodle "Link to files or websites" type of interface.

Using the resource list feature

Examples of Resource Lists in a 1.9 course

Adding a Resource List

The Resource List is added via the "Add a resource..." drop-down menu in a course section.

"Add a resource" drop down menu showing Resource List

Adding Resources to Resource List

Adding or editing a resource list is fairly straight forward.

The settings screen for a Resource List


  1. Load the
    module directory into
    "[moodle root]/mod"
  2. Go to the
    "[moodle root]/mod/resourcelist"
    directory and run the following command:
    $ patch -b -p0 -i moodle19.patch
  3. If your theme uses customized pix, copy these files, "icon.gif", "switch_plus.gif", and "switch_minus.gif" to the
    "[moodle root]/theme/[your theme]/pix/mod/resourcelist/"
    $ cp *.gif ../../theme/[your theme]/pix/mod/resourcelist/
  4. Visit your admin page to create all the necessary data tables.

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