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This page lists all the plugins in Moodle, and identifies whether they comply with the privacy API or not. Any external service is flagged.

Any plugins which are flagged with the warning icon do not yet implement the Moodle privacy API. If this plugin stores any personal data it will not be able to be exported or deleted through Moodle's privacy system.

All core Moodle 3.5 plugins do implement the Moodle privacy API. See the clamAV antivirus plugin example below:

Plugin privacy compliance registry screen.png

Some 3.5 additional plugins comply, but others don't.

Most additional plugins that do comply currently state that "The xxxx plugin does not store any personal data."

Plugin privacy compliance registry screen additional plugin OK.png

See also

  • This one example and this other of the code changes needed in order to implement null_provider for Privacy API for an additional Moodle 3.5 plugin