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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 3.7. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle may be available here: Using Quiz.

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This page explains how a quiz is accessed and used by students and teachers. It also offers some hints as to good practice in using the quiz module.

How students take a quiz

  • Click on the quiz link on the course homepage and read the information to check you're in the right quiz.
  • Click on "Attempt quiz now" button.
  • Click on the "Next" button at the bottom of the page to see the next page of questions
  • Click on the "flag" in the box next to the question to put a temporary marker on it


  • Notice the Quiz navigation block in the upper right corner. You can use it to jump to any question. Question boxes for the current pag are in bold. Flagged questions will have a "red corner" in their box


  • To finish the exam,click "Finish attempt" in the navigation block of "Next" on the last page of the exam.
  • The "Summary of attempt" page - reviews the questions and alerts you to questions not attempted.


  • Click on any question page number or "Return to attempt" to go back to the quiz.
  • Click on "Submit all and finish" to have your quiz scored. A warning will pop up telling you you can no longer change your answers.

How students review a quiz

  • In the quiz navigation block incorrect answers are RED: partially correct answers are YELLOW and correct answers are GREEN. The flags are still visible:


  • In the questions themselves, correct answers will be in green with a check mark. Incorrect answers will be in red with a cross. will have a green check mark next to your correct answer
  • According to your teacher's settings, you might get general feedback, specific feedback on each question and/or overall feedback on your final score.

Saving questions and returning later to a quiz

New feature
in Moodle 3.7!

  • If you answer a number of questions and then want to complete the quiz at a later time,click "Finish attempt".
  • When you return to continue the quiz, Moodle will remember which page you were on and allow you to continue from there, having saved your previous questions.

Retaking a quiz

If your teacher has allowed multiple attempts, when you click on the quiz again you will be informed how many attempts you have remaining along with your previous scores.

How teachers view a quiz

Note: Once a quiz has been attempted, it is not possible to add or delete questions unless previous scores are removed.

  • When attempts have been made on the quiz, the teacher can click the quiz name and access the reports by clicking the link "Attempts - (No. of attempts.
  • It is then possible to filter the reports according to preference:


  • A teacher may also access quiz results by clicking on the quiz name in the Navigation block. This opens up other links, enabling them to view by grade, by correct response, by statistics and by manually graded responses:


  • Each individual question may be filtered in score order and individual student quiz responses may be viewed by clicking "Review attempt" next to their name.

Commenting on or regrading responses

  • By clicking on the score of an individual question, a teacher may comment on it or override the grade:


What to do after a quiz

It is a good practice to review the quiz after it has been given. Students may challenge a question, or ask about the meaning of a question during or after a quiz. After viewing student attempt scores, the result tab will assist the teacher in looking at questions answered by the class, changing scores for specific answers and regrading the quiz.

The Item Analysis link, on the Results tab, can assist the teacher in finding questions in the test that should be reviewed. Sorting on the Correct Facility will allow the teacher to quickly see the questions that were most missed or answered correctly. A question where every student missed it, could mean the teacher tagged the wrong answer as correct or made a typing error in the evaluation of the answer. Unintentional trick questions can often be found by sorting by the "Disc" columns. This might reveal where the worst quiz takers answered the question better than the best quiz takers. The item analysis might also reveal the material which was not presented well or perhaps not covered.

The analysis can also point out correct answers to short answer questions that were not included as a potential when the question was created. Teachers can even look for common misspellings in the correct response and, depending on his or her policy, can award partial or full credit to students for the misspelled response.

Questions needing correction can be edited by clicking on the question ID number on the item analysis page. While questions can be edited as students are taking the Quiz, it is not recommended. Understand what question you are editing. For example is it used in other courses or again in another Quiz in the same course? Do you want the edited question to be used in the future?

Clicking on regrade link, on the results tab, will immediately update the scores for all students on all questions for that one specific quiz. Do not use the regrade link if students are taking the quiz. Be sure you want to recalculate the quiz. You can regrade the quiz as many times as you want.

This method ensures fairness in scoring on the current quiz and future quizzes while it minimizes the need for “Make comment or override grade” in the individual overview of a students attempt.

Regrade is found on the Results Tab of a Quiz. Regrade is used to force Moodle to recalculate points awarded for correct and incorrect responses to quiz questions after the quiz has been taken by students. It is used when the teacher changes a score or evaluation of a question after the Quiz has been completed by one or more students.

Messaging students who haven't completed a quiz

  • From your navigation block, click Reports>Course participation
  • From the drop down, choose your quiz.
  • In Show only, choose "Student" and in Actions, choose "post"
  • In the list that appears, tick/check the boxes next to those you wish to message.
  • In the bottom dropdown With selected users, choose "send message"


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