Tertiary education

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The use of Moodle in Secondary education is often extended further at the tertiary/university level.

Moodle plugins by/for Universities

Many Universities have created custom Moodle plugins which were later shared in the Moodle plugins database, for example:

Discipline-specific plugins

There are many Moodle plugins available for teaching/assessing several disciplines at and beyond secondary education:


There are Moodle themes made specifically by and for a University:

  • BCU and Adaptable Birmingham City University. They are based on bootstrap and allow for extensive customisation and some unique features to help improve Moodle's usability.
  • Klass This is very very modern theme suitable for your school / college / university and other online educational websites

Useful links for tertiary educators


  • There are many good Moodle tutorials and books made by Universities available to everyone:

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