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{{Tags}}The following capabilities are related to tags:
#redirect [[Tag settings]]
* [[Capabilities/moodle/tag:create|moodle/tag:create]]
* [[Capabilities/moodle/tag:edit|moodle/tag:edit]]
* [[Capabilities/moodle/tag:editblocks|moodle/tag:editblocks]]
* [[Capabilities/moodle/tag:manage|moodle/tag:manage]]
Note: The above capabilities may only be applied in the system context.
==Creating and editing tags==
The capabilities ''tag:create'' and ''tag:edit'' should be set to allow everyone to create and edit tags. The reason these capabilities exist is because there were requests from some Moodle users to allow a greater degree of control over the vocabulary of tags (in a Moodle site for a high school it might make sense to block students from creating new tags).
[[eu:Etiketen baimenak]]
[[fr:Permissions des balises]]

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