Standard Moodle tags

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Tags are useful for connecting different bits of information together.

Obviously it's important to use the same tags everywhere.

This page describes standard Moodle tags that you should use when describing Moodle events on the internet (Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, etc)

General Moodle stuff

For general discussion of Moodle, use the tag "moodle".

Twitter example:

I just installed #moodle on a computer I bought ten years ago!

Moodle Moots

For Moodle conferences (Moots) use mootCCYY where:

  • CC is a country ISO code or state abbreviation, and
  • YY is a year.

Capitalisation doesn't matter and just helps readability.

The two letter code would usually be a country, but for somewhere like the US where there are different moots they might choose to use "us" or a state like "sf" or "ok". It really doesn't matter if two moots both used mootus09 for example, because they would be separated in time.

Tags in use

  • #mootNL09 Dutch Language Moodlemoot in Amsterdam, May 27th, 2009
  • #mootDE09 Moodlemoot Germany 2009 in Elmshorn 18. September 2009
  • #mootDE10 Moodlemoot Germany 2010 in Berlin March
  • #mootDE10 Moodlemoot Germany 2010 in Essen September
  • #moodle #OE09 Moodle at Online Educa 2009 in Berlin (December)