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{{Managing a Moodle site}}
There are many ways to customise the appearance of your Moodle site so that it blends in with, for example, your college site or your company's corporate brand. The links below provide more information on personalising the appearance of Moodle:
*[[Front page]] - how best to display the entry page to your Moodle. Here you can decide how to display announcements and  courses (if you want to) and how to  add attractive images and descriptive text to promote your organisation.
*[[Theme settings]] -  how to add custom dropdown menus and (if you wish) personalise the user menu top right.
*[[Header and footer]] -  how  to display useful information at the top and bottom of your course and  link to Google Analytics.
*[[Themes]] - general information on changing the "skin" of your Moodle for the whole site or just sections. Look at [[Standard themes]] for examples of how to easily customise  Moodle's 'More' theme.
*[[Dashboard]] - a personalised page for each user. Find out how to set the default dashboard and how to allow users to select their own home page.
*[[User profiles]]
*[[Navigation]] - control how users find their way around Moodle
*[[Course list]] - control who appears in the list of courses
==See also==
* [http://youtu.be/05eW0NzDi_c Moodle 2 Appearance Administration settings] MoodleBites video on YouTube
*Change the language or default wording on your site - [[Language|Language]]
* [https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=314373 Beautiful Moodle site] forum thread
[[es:Apariencia del sitio]]
[[fr:Apparence du site]]

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