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(Headline text)
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[[fr:Bac à sable]]
Just testing it out!
Just testing it out!
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[[fr:Bac à sable]]

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abcdef deneme 1 2

Very nice :-)
Moodle is Great!

== אחת שתיים שלו ארבע

==== Headline text ==== Headline text ==Bold text'


Table $$ x^2 $$

Headline text

Aesthetic buggery to follow!

... well, that's too bad: I was expecting to be able to make larger headers! [pout!]

Interesting. Don't know much about HTML but
  1. remember this is a Mediawiki.
  2. When I want to try something off the beaten track in MoodleDocs, I start here with a search on editing tips.
  3. Since I am a clutz, I created a web page using a word processor. Then opened my browser and revealed the page code. Then placed it below. So you can make larger headers several ways. chris collman
see examples below

This is 26.opt test

Notice it still is a header just not the default font

This is a 3rd level - a little smaller

This is a 3rd level header - Probably no difference

Headline text

Martha is a radical

Is a 1st level header - the larger header topic

just to see what would happen

=This is a 400.opt font test


Just testing it out!

Seems OK!

Here's some text.

Here's some indented text.
And a bit more indented.
Now you're just being silly.