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If you're a teacher in Moodle, then this page will tell you about the major changes affecting you in Moodle 3.7

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    Messaging: Delete conversations in groups

    Teachers may be given a capability to delete messages from users in group conversations.

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    Forums: Reply privately

    Teachers or others with permission can add a private reply in a forum, visible by only the recipient.

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    Badges: Competencies as a criterion

    Badges may now be awarded based on competencies, (and competencies may be graded when grading activities)

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    Course custom fields

    If enabled by admin, custom fields in the course settings may be added to provide extra information and improve searching.

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    Book: View hidden chapters

    Teachers can view hidden chapters in a book with the editing turned off .

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    Lesson: Include media when grading essays

    The Lesson activity now allows for teachers and students to include media in Essay type questions.