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             <h4>Clearer privacy links in your profile</h4>
             <h4>Clarify required submission types in a Workshop</h4>
             <p>Easily see from your [[User profiles| profile]] how to contact the PO, request data or account deletion and view a data retention summary page</p>
             <p>Specify which submission types are required and which optional in the [[Workshop settings]].</p>

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If you're a teacher in Moodle, then this page will tell you about the major changes affecting you in Moodle 3.6

  • 36docsenablinggroupmessaging.png

    Message your groups

    Enable group messaging when setting up groups and from the new messaging interface, start group conversations.

  • 36docsnewbadgecriteria.png

    More information on your badges

    Support for Open Badges v2.0 spec allows you to add more details when awarding badges.

  • docsDuplicatedFileNames.png

    Easily find duplicated items

    As with courses, duplicated resources are now appended with 'copy' so you can easily distinguish between the original and copy.

  • docsPageLastModified.png

    Hide page last modifed dates

    A new option in the Page resource allows you to choose to display or hide the date it was last updated..

  • docsWorkshopRequiredFiles.png

    Clarify required submission types in a Workshop

    Specify which submission types are required and which optional in the Workshop settings.

  • 36Onlineusers.png

    Hide yourself in the online users block

    Monitor courses without being seen by clicking the 'eye' against your name in the Online users block.