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[[File: Docs FileTypeSelector.png|600px]]
[[File: QuestionTags.jpg|600px]]
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             <h4>Filter quiz questions by tags</h4>
             <h4>Filter quiz questions by tags</h4>

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If you're a teacher in Moodle, then this page will tell you about the major changes affecting you in Moodle 3.5

  • DashboardOverview.jpg

    Display course images on the dashboard

    Images added to the course settings will now display on the Course overview on the Dashboard while courses with no images will display attractive patterns..

  • BulkEditSelfEnrolled.jpg

    More efficient user management

    You can now bulk edit and delete self-enrolled users from the Participants page.

  • QuestionTags.jpg

    Filter quiz questions by tags

    Thanks to this Moodle Users Association (MUA) improved tag functionality allows you to filter questions in the question bank and when adding random questions.

  • recordrtc.png

    Directly record sound and video

    New buttons in the Atto editor allow you to record directly into Moodle.

  • EssayUpload.png

    Upload files when grading quiz essay questions

    Thanks to this Moodle Users Association (MUA) project, improved tags functionality allows you to add tags and filter tags directly from the question bank.

  • 600px

    Specify file types for quiz essay questions

    Let your students see which file types may be uploaded in quiz essay questions

  • AwardedBadgesBadges.jpg

    More badge criteria

    Award badges based on previously earned badges See Badges for more information.

  • Bootstrap4.jpg

    New and improved icons

    Bootstrap 4 stable brings new icons and a clearly defined 'Switch role to' link.