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             <h4>Emoji support</h4>
             <h4>Emoji support</h4>

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If you are a student on Moodle, here's a quick overview of the changes you can expect to see when your Moodle site is using Moodle 3.3:

  • 33officeintegration.png

    Better Office integration

    Log in and easily access documents from Microsoft Office and the Google G-Suite.

  • 33CourseOverview.png

    Improved dashboard

    Thanks to this MUA project, you can now check course progress, upcoming activities and gradeable activities from the new Course overview block.

  • 33FontAwesome.png

    Clear, accessible icons

    This popular, responsive set of icons is now available in core for the benefit of everyone.

  • 33emojis2.png

    Emoji support

    Brighen up communication with fun emoji characters anywhere that text can be entered

  • 33AccessControlledLink.png

    Submit assignments from Office or G-Suite

    Submit files to your teacher with an access controlled link.

  • 33StudentAssignmentFileTypes.png

    Easily see the correct file type to upload

    If enabled by your teacher, you will be able to see the required file type to submit in an assignment