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Mobile access is enabled by default in new installations of Moodle 3.0. The full functionality of the app is available in 3.0 sites without the need for the local mobile plugin.

(Note that you can get many of these features working even on older Moodle versions by installing the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin for your Moodle site.)

  • MobileChoice.png


    Students may now enter and change Choices from within the app

  • MobileappChat.png


    It's possible to engage in Chat on the move, from the app

  • MobileSurvey.png


    Surveys may now be taken using the app

  • coursesearchmobile.png

    Search courses

    App users can search courses

  • enrolmemobile.png

    Self enrol

    Following a course search, app users may enrol themselves into chosen courses.