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Read on for Moodle 3.7 highlights, or watch our |Youtube playlist of 3.7 New features.

Full details of the release with technical information can be found in the Moodle 3.7 release notes.

For all users

  • DocsMuteMessages.png

    Messaging: Improved interface

    Messaging enhancements include a link to a full page, 2 column view and the ability to mute conversations

  • DocsPrivateMessagingSpace.png

    Messaging: Your own private space

    You now have a personal space for notes, links and reminders as part of the Messaging drawer.

  • DocsQuizClearChoice.png

    Quiz: Clear my choice

    Change your mind and remove your choice in a multiple choice quiz question.

  • DocsLessonMedia File Upload.png

    Lesson: Add media in an essay

    Attach files such as images or record sound/video when answering an essay question

  • DocsBookPrint.png

    Book: Better printing

    Print books or chapters in books with a more attractive output.

  • DocsCompetenciesLearningPlansCourse.png

    Competencies and Learning plans

    Filter competencies by activities from the link in the navigation drawer and view related learning plans.

For teachers

  • DocsTeacherDeletemessages.png

    Messaging: Delete conversations in groups

    Teachers may be given a capability to delete messages from users in group conversations. See more

  • DocsForumPrivateReply.png

    Forums: More control

    Teachers or others with permission can add a private reply in a forum and can manually lock discussions. See Using Forum

  • DocsBadgesCompetenciesCriterion.png

    Badges: Competencies as a criterion

    Badges may now be awarded based on competencies, (and competencies may be graded when grading activities) See more

  • DocsCourseCustomFields IndexView.png

    Course custom fields

    If enabled by admin, custom fields in the course settings may be added to provide extra information and improve searching.

  • DocsTeacherHiddenBookPage.png

    Book: View hidden chapters

    Teachers can view hidden chapters in a book with the editing turned off .

  • DocsAssignmentPDFRotate.png

    Assignment: Rotate submitted PDFs

    New icons allow you to change the orientation of submitted assignments for easier grading

  • DocsTeacherFilterCompetenciesbyActivity.png

    Competencies: Filter by activity

    When rating competencies, filter them by their linked activity or resource.

  • DocsLessonGradingEssay.png

    Lesson: Include media when grading essays

    The Lesson activity now allows for teachers and students to include media in Essay type questions.

For administrators

  • DocsClassicThemeAltered.png

    New theme: Classic

    Clean, More and the hidden Bootstrapbase are removed and replaced with the customisable Classic theme.

  • DocsAnalyticsModelCreateImportRestore.png

    Learning Analytics

    Significant improvements to Learning Analytics increase usability and efficiency.

  • DocsCapabilities.png

    Hide course lists

    New capabilities include moodle/category:viewcourselist which allows you to define who can see lists of courses in various categories.

  • DocsSiteMessagingArea.png


    Messaging settings are in a new site administration category.

  • DocsBadgesSettings.png

    Improved support for Open Badges v 2.0

    You can now connect to other Open Badges v 2.0 platforms and exchange badges with the platform. See more

  • DocsLTI13.png

    LTI 1.3 and Advantage

    Moodle is one of the first platforms to implement this IMS Global standard.

  • DocsAsynchronousBackups.png

    Asynchronous backups

    Perform large backups in the background while doing other tasks.

  • DocsTestEmail.png

    Test email

    A new setting allows you to easily test outgoing mail configuration.