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Multiple choice question (Lesson)

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A Multiple choice question in Lesson offers a student a list of answers to select. Generally the student must select the one correct answer. There is a check box option to create a multianswer question, where the student must select all the correct answers.

  • Note: Quiz multiple choice and "multiple answers allowed" question types look the same to students but are slightly different from a teacher's view in edit mode.

Overview of Multiple choice questions

Multiple choice is the default question type in Lesson. They are popular question types where the student is asked to choose one answer from a set of alternatives. Generally, the correct answer takes the student further into the lesson, the wrong answers do not. The wrong answers are sometimes called the distractors and the utility of these questions often rely more on the quality of the distractors than either the questions themselves or their correct answers.

Here is a question presented in the lesson End of Branches 102. Quiz questions will look the same from the student view. Question Multiple Choice Student example1.GIF

Each answer given by the student can optionally have a response given by the teacher. If no response is entered for an answer then the default response "That's the Correct Answer" or "That's the Wrong Answer" is shown to the student. In Moodle 1.6, after the student answers a lesson question, they are shown the question and the response.

Each answer can send the student to different page in the lesson, similar to a Content page (Branch Table page). Thus a student who selects the the 2nd answer can go to one page, but a student who selects the 4th answer will go to a different page.

Multianswer in a Lesson

When in edit mode, the multianswer question in a Lesson looks like a multiple choice question. The goal is for the student to select EVERY correct answer.

  • The correct answers must be the first answers listed in edit mode and the wrong answer follow.
  • All jumps, scores and teacher responses must be the same for right answers. All jumps, scores and teacher responses must be the same for wrong answers must be the same.

This is very different from a quiz module multiple answers allowed question. Partial credit is never given to a Lesson multianswer question. The student either selects just the correct answers to receive the correct score or Lesson scores any other combination of answers as being answered wrong.

Multianswer question, edit mode, expanded view

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