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In addition to Moodle documentation and [http://moodle.org/books Moodle books] (a percentage of which sales go to developing Moodle), this page contains links to free manuals, and other resources produced by Moodlers all over the world. Please feel free to submit your contribution by adding a link to this page.
==Teacher manuals and resources==
*[http://www.scribd.com/doc/88025373/Moodle-2-Activity-Tool-Guide-for-Instructors/ Moodle 2 Activity Tool Guide for Instructors] by '''Sue Harper''' - Compare the functionality and pedagogical advantages of Moodle 2 Activity tools (Add an activity). Adapted from Joyce Seitzinger.
*[[Media:Moodlecomic.png| Teaching do's and don'ts]] - classroom poster
===Other Languages===
*[http://www.sfm.pt/moodle/manual-moodle2/ Manual Interativo Moodle (Portuguese)] - By '''SFM''' (Oct 2015)
* [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1T7LtWj87lD_nDEhcAbuj3jkYGDsHDs7_FRzpPJ8U_ag/pub Moodle 2.5 - Kurzusépítés (Hungarian)] - By '''Jenő Duchon''' (Jun 2014)
* [http://papimes.fmvz.unam.mx/proyectos/manual_moodle/Manual_Moodle.pdf Manual de Moodle 2.4 para académicos universitarios], compatible con versiones más recientes, de acceso libre gratuito en idioma Español de México.
* [http://www.albatrosmedia.cz/moodle-kompletni-pruvodce-tvorbou-a-spravou-elektronickych-kurzu.html Moodle - Kompletní průvodce tvorbou a správou elektronických kurzů (Czech)] - By '''Martin Drlík, Peter Švec, Jozef Kapusta, Miroslava Mesárošová''' (May 2013)
*[http://moodle.mejorqueperdereltiempo.es/ Aprender Moodle 2. Tutoriales de Moodle 2 para el profesor (editingteacher) (Spanish)] - By '''Roberto Álvarez Sindín''' (Flash March 2012)
*[http://edocencia.wordpress.com/novedades-para-la-docencia-en-moodle-2-0 Novedades para la docencia en Moodle 2.0 (Spanish)] - by '''Alexander Ángel Corrochano''' (.pdf Sep 2010)
==See also==
*[[Moodle presentations]]
*[[Moodle video tutorials]]
*[http://wimski.org/docs/ Offline Moodle Docs packages for download]
*[http://moodle.org/books Moodle Books database]
[[es:Manuales de Moodle]]

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