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Moodle 3.0 and onwards or the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin installed (for Moodle 2.6 to Moodle 2.9)

The global SCORM module setting "Protect package downloads" must be disabled. If you want to prevent your site to serve offline SCORM packages you can enable this settings (via Plugins -> Activity modules -> SCORM), if you are using the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin you can find this settings in Plugins -> Local plugins -> Moodle Mobile additional features

Technical Details

The Moodle Mobile SCORM player allows to play SCORM 1.2 packages, it comes with some features and limitations:

  • Support only for SCORM 1.2 packages
  • Support for objectives, interactions and pre-requisites
  • Support for SCO navigation via nav.event
  • Support only for uploaded packages, remote zip packages and zip packages in any type of repository supported by Moodle
  • Does not support remote imsmanifest.xml packages or file system repository unzipped SCORMS
  • Does not support opening packages outside the app (in a complete new browser for example)
  • Does not support javascript popups via (Mobile device limitation)
  • When the user loses connectivity, the offline mode is enabled and the attempt is converted to an offline attempt.
  • When an offline attempt is synchronised back to the live Moodle site, we attempt to merge it in with any incomplete attempts on the site, otherwise it is saved as a new attempt.

Content details

Considerations when creating a SCORM package for offline usage:

  • Don’t use flash or flv components
  • Don’t use remotely included images, files, or media
  • Don’t use popups
  • Try to reduce the size of the images and use mobile compatible formats e.g. png
  • Try to reduce the size of videos and use mobile compatible formats e.g. mp4
  • Don’t use advanced HTML5 features, maybe is not supported by old devices (iOs4, Android < 4.4)
  • Having a left navigation menu as part of the scorm will reduce the overall size that the scorm is displayed, so not having this feature within the player will produce a larger display on small devices.