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Mobile app latest: The Moodle Mobile app (developed on HTML5 and Phonegap) is replacing the old mobile app for iPhone, My Moodle.

Preparing your Moodle environment

  1. In Settings > Site administration > Advanced features tick the 'Enable web services' checkbox, then click the button to save changes
  2. In Site administration > Plugins > Web services > Mobile tick the 'Enable web services for mobile devices' checkbox, then click the button to save changes. (Ticking the 'Enable web services' checkbox should enable this also, but doesn't always.)

Installing the mobile app

Managing which Moodle sites you access

Information coming soon...


Currently not available

My courses

Information coming soon...

Upload (photos and audio)

Information coming soon...


Information coming soon...

Testing the app on a demo site

In the login screen, type "teacher" or "student" in the Username field and click the Add button. You will be logged automatically to a Moodle demo site for testing the app.

How to report a bug

  1. Log in to the Moodle Tracker (you'll need to create a tracker account if you've not done so previously)
  2. Check whether the issue has already been reported by searching
  3. If not, report the bug by clicking the 'Create Issue' link at the top right of the page, selecting 'Moodle Mobile' as the project
  4. Add a detailed description then click the Create button
  5. Attach the following files to the issue by selecting 'Attach Files' in the 'More actions' dropdown menu:
    • 'Device information' - this can be found in the app (Settings -> Device info, you can send yourself this information by email using the e-mail button at the bottom)
    • App Log (Settings -> Development -> Show Log, again you can send yourself this information by email)

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