Moodle Workplace Installation

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workplacelogo.png This feature is part of Moodle Workplace, which is available through Moodle Partners.

Moodle Workplace is a package that consists of:

  • Moodle LMS of the latest minor version. See download page, you may see the latest official update, for example, 3.7.1, and also latest weekly update, for example, 3.7.1+. Moodle Workplace is always based on the "offficial update" (minor version) that does not have a "+" sign.
  • several core modifications that can be either future core fixes or workplace-only "patches" that allow workplace plugins to "hook in" core functionality
  • workplace plugins, including the theme


New installation of Moodle Workplace can be performed exactly the same way as installation of Moodle LMS of the same version. The server requirements are exactly the same.

However after installation Moodle Workplace the default configuration will be slightly different than after installation of Moodle LMS, namely:

  • Default installation language is "English for Workplace (en_wp)" or if your browser uses another language we will try to recommend a matching "Workplace" language pack for you. After installation the non-workplace languages will be hidden if the matching workplace-languages are available.
  • The theme will be set to "Workplace" (and not "Boost")
  • The default course format will be set to "Workplace list"
  • One course category with the name "Default tenant" will be created (instead of "Miscellaneous")
  • One tenant with the name "Default tenant" will be created and associated with the "Default tenant" course category
  • The capability moodle/category:viewcourselist will be removed from "Authenticated user" and "Guest" roles, however the "Tenant user" role has this capability and all users will be able to access course list in their tenant. Admin user will belong to "Default tenant"
  • "Force login" setting will be set to on
  • "Admin bookmarks" block that Moodle LMS adds automatically to all admin pages is not added in Moodle Workplace.

Upgrade from Moodle LMS

Downgrading from Workplace to Moodle LMS