Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 3.7. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle may be available here: Moodle Desktop.

Moodle Desktop

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What is Moodle Desktop?

Course overview in Moodle Desktop

Moodle Desktop is our solution to accessing your Moodle courses on desktop and/or Surface tablets.

With Moodle Desktop you can experience all these popular (and more) functionalities that are found in Moodle Mobile, on your desktop or surface tablets:

  • View course activities and download materials offline
  • Quickly find and contact other people in your courses or organisation
  • Attempt quizzes, post in forums, play SCORM packages, edit wiki pages and more - on and offline
  • Upload images, audio, videos and other files from your desktop or tablet
  • View deadlines filtered by dates or course subjects
  • Receive instant notifications for messages, forum posts, calendar events and deadlines
  • Track your learning progress or grades
Assignment grading in Moodle Desktop

How do I get Moodle desktop?

Go to Moodle downloads: Moodle Desktop.

Using Moodle Desktop

As for the Moodle Mobile app, Moodle Desktop will ONLY work with Moodle sites that have been set up to allow it. Site admins, please see the Moodle Mobile guide for admins.

Teachers, for info on improving your courses for access via Moodle Desktop, please see Creating Moodle Mobile friendly courses.

How will Moodle Desktop get updated to the latest release?

As with Moodle Mobile, the desktop version will be updated by Moodle HQ every two months.

Why has Moodle released Moodle Desktop?

Moodle Desktop is another step that Moodle is taking to make online learning more accessible - for students, educators and other users - who are utilising various operating systems and devices.

Feedback has shown that Moodle users in the K-12, higher education and workplace sectors would like the option of accessing their courses through desktops, laptops or tablets, which are the devices often provided by their institutions or organisations.”

Making Moodle Desktop available in Windows operating system is also important, as many of our users are also studying and learning in this environment.

Where can I get support for Moodle Desktop?

If you have any questions or feedback about Moodle Desktop, please join the discussions in the Moodle for mobile forum.

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