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*[[User:Martin Dougiamas|Martin Dougiamas]] - Moodle Lead Developer
*[[User:Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)|Eloy Lafuente (stronk7)]] - Knight in Shining Armour
*[[User:Helen Foster|Helen Foster]] - Documentation Steward
*[[User:koen roggemans|Koen Roggemans]] - Translation Coordinator
*[[User:Urs Hunkler|Urs Hunkler]] - Themes Manager
*[[User:Gustav Delius|Gustav Delius]] - Quiz Developer
*[[User:David Scotson|David Scotson]] - E-learning Technologist
*[[User:Darren Smith|Darren Smith]] - ICT Teacher and E-learning Leader
*[[User:chris collman|Chris Collman]] -  DL Training specialist and editor
* Email: ''docs@moodle.org''
* [mailto:docs@moodle.org docs@moodle.org]
* Individual administrators may be contacted via moodle.org messaging

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