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What is Moodle.net?

Moodle.net search for courses

Moodle.net is the Moodle.org Open Community Hub - a directory of courses for download or to enrol in.

How do we get onto Moodle.net?

  • EITHER go to moodle.net
  • OR ensure your Moodle site is registered (via Registration in the Site administration) then add the Community finder block to courses on your site

How can I share courses to Moodle.net?

Managers (and any other users with the capability moodle/course:publish) can share courses to Moodle.net as follows:

  1. Click 'Share' via the gear menu or the Administration block (depending upon your theme).
  2. Then choose whether you wish to your course to be available for people to enrol in or to download

See Course sharing for more details.

How can a teacher share courses to Moodle.net?

To enable teachers to share courses to Moodle.net, an administrator needs to allow the capability moodle/course:publish for the teacher role. See Course sharing for details.

Are there any criteria which courses must satisfy in order to be listed on Moodle.net?

Yes, just a few! See the Moodle.net Course approval criteria.

How long does it take for a course to be approved and visible on Moodle.net?

We aim to check and approve courses within 48 hours, though it can sometimes take a little longer, so please be patient. If you require your course to be approved urgently, please contact us.

Can I sell courses on Moodle.net?

No yet but it is planned. See MDL-25496 for details.