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{{Installing Moodle}}
== Migrating to/from Moodle ==
== Migrating to/from Moodle ==
*[[WebCT migration|Migrating from WebCT (whether Campus Edition or Vista) to Moodle]]
*[[Moodle migration|Migrating from Moodle]] to Moodle
*[[Blackboard migration|Migrating from Blackboard to Moodle]]
*[[Blackboard migration|Migrating from Blackboard]] to Moodle
*[[Learnwise migration|Migrating from Learnwise to Moodle]]
*[[Migration from Moodle|Migrating to another system]] from Moodle
*[[Migration from Moodle|Migrating to another system from Moodle]]
== Miscellaneous import/export ==
*[http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=24572 Import Powerpoint html to lesson] forum discussion
*[http://www.openoffice.org/ OpenOffice] - this software can be used to convert Powerpoint files to Flash animations, which can then be loaded into Moodle

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Migrating to/from Moodle