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* de_du (which requires de)
* de_du (which requires de)
* es_mx and es_ar (which require es)
* es_mx and es_ar (which require es)
* fr-ca (which requires fr)
* fr_ca (which requires fr)
==Manual language pack installation==
==Manual language pack installation==

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Location: Administration > Language > Language packs

Over 70 language packs are available for you to install on your Moodle site. Simply select the languages you require from the list of available language packs and click on the "Install selected language pack" button.

Template:Moodle 1.9In Moodle 1.9.1 onwards, multiple language packs may be selected for install by holding down the Apple or Ctrl key whilst clicking on the language packs.

All language packs, apart from English, are stored in moodledata/lang folder.

Parent language packs

Certain language packs contain only the modified language strings from their parent language, rather than a complete set. Thus, it is necessary to install the parent language pack too. These language packs are:

  • de_du (which requires de)
  • es_mx and es_ar (which require es)
  • fr_ca (which requires fr)

Manual language pack installation

Language packs may also be installed manually by downloading the zip file from Moodle Downloads - Language Packs to a directory called lang in your moodledata directory and then unzipping.

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