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{{Working with media}}
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<p class="note">'''Please refer to [[Page_notes#Embedding content|these notes]] before editing this page.'''</p>
== Embedding media files ==
When adding content to a course with a [[Page]] resource, media files can be embedded using [[Multimedia_plugins|multimedia plugins]] to take media file URLs entered in the HTML editor and convert them into relevant player software embedded in the page.
== Embedding uploaded resources ==
When adding a File resource to a course, there are several options for how the file will be displayed to the user: Automatic, Embed, Force download, Open, In pop-up, and disabled by default: In frame, and New window. (See [[mod/file/mod|file mod]] for more details on all of these.)
The options relevant to embedding are Embed and In frame:
=== Embed ===
This uses a HTML <code>object</code> element, or <code>iframe</code> element for older versions of Internet Explorer.
=== In frame ===
This uses a resizable HTML <code>frameset</code> with an upper <code>frame</code> to show the Moodle heading (with navigation) and the file description, with the file displayed in a <code>frame</code> below.
Disabled by default, In frame is not recommended due to accessibility problems caused by HTML frames.
It can be enabled via ''Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > File''.

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