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Location: ''Administration > Server > Email''
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==SMTP hosts==
SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The SMTP host is an email relay that will take the email from Moodle and send it to users. You will need to set this only if your server does not allow mail relay. Otherwise, PHP will send out the mail
using its built-in mail server. All the email sent by forums and other modules will be sent through this host.
==SMTP username==
If you set an SMTP server and it requires authentication, enter the username for the account that will be relaying the email from Moodle.
==SMTP password==
Enter the password for the SMTP user you set previously.
==No-reply address==
Email sent from Moodle needs to have a return address or many servers will reject it as spam. Some users also want to keep their email private, so Moodle sends all of its email using the noreply address you set here.
==Allowed and denied email domains==
Authentication may be restricted to particular email domains when using [[Email-based self-registration]] so that, for example, only students with a university email can login.
==Hour to send digest emails==
Moodle allows mail digests from the forums, so users get only one email per day instead of an individual message for every posting. This setting specifies when digests are emailed to users. Users set their email digest type in their profile page.
{{Moodle 1.9}}From Moodle 1.9 onwards, a support name, support email and support page may be set up for users requiring general help.
If set, emails from Moodle regarding password setting/resetting, password change confirmation, password and account confirmation will list the support name, support email and support page at the bottom of the email.
==See also==
*[[Email processing]]

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