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Template:Course admin Courses can be restored from a backup made by Moodle. Course backups are usually stored in the backupdata folder within the course files folder. There is a link next to every course backup that says restore. Each version of Moodle has its own slightly different process for restoring. Generally speaking a backup may be restored several ways. It can

  • Copy over the data in any course, or
  • Add the backup to any course, or
  • Create a new course that is a duplicate,
  • Offers option to include student data and/or course files.

The backup and restore process is a common way of moving or, copying specific courses from one Moodle to another.

Template:Moodle 1.6Version 1.6 and later offers more options in the backup and restore process. Backup restore has a more detailed description of the 1.6 process. It is possible to backup and/or restore specific course resources and activities. For example, a teacher can backup the entire course, then restore only Lesson 1 with student data, Lesson 4 without student data and a forum with student data, to a new or existing course.

This selective restore process is similar to the Import feature in the course administration block.

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