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workplacelogo.png This feature is part of Moodle Workplace, which is available through Moodle Partners.


Using certifications, we can specify and track requirements for recurring programs. Certifications are earned for a period, and then need to be retaken or updated.

Moodle Workplace

Accessing certifications

From site administration -> learning certifications, we can check (among other things) which program the certification is related to and its expiry date.

Create a new certification

Click + to create a new certification. Name it and select the program that this certification will be related to. Define start, due, and expiry dates. In this example, the certification will start as soon as the user is allocated to it and will finish two months after it began, and this certification will expire one year after its completion.

Schedule tab

From the schedule tab, we manage the period in which the users may be allocated to the program. So in this example, we set the certification to be available for user allocation after December the 31st, and then click Save Changes.

User tab

From the users tab, we check the users who are allocated to this program and their statuses on both program and certification, and among other actions we can certify the user directly or revoke their certification.

Dynamic rules

From the Dynamic rules tab we can configure rules. As with Programs, certifications can be configured to award badges, certificates, and to perform other automated actions, for instance, allocating users on other certifications or programs. Certifications come with some predefined rules ready to be configured and once they're set we click on the toggle button to enable them.