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Location: ''Administration > Reports > Backups''
== Introduction ==
The backups report provides a '''last execution log''' of scheduled [[Automated course backup|automated course backups]].
It displays a list of all course backups made, the time taken to create them, their status (which may be OK, Skipped, Unfinished, or Error), and the next scheduled automated backup execution time.
Clicking on a particular course name will cause a '''detailed execution log''' to be displayed, including date, hour and minute when each step of the backup was performed.
== Backup Status ==
'''OK''' - The course backup was successfully completed.
'''Skipped''' - The course was skipped (not backed up) because the course was unavailable to students and had not been changed in the last 31 days. This is not an error, but a feature designed to save process time.
'''Unfinished''' - The backup was not finished. This might have happened because the job to execute backups ran out of time or resources (e.g., the cron running the backups ran out of time before finishing all the courses waiting). The unfinished jobs should be completed when the next scheduled backups are repeated.
'''Error''' - There were errors in the backup process for the course, so a backup was not completed. For additional details about the error (1) check the backup log for the affected course (i.e., click the course name in the backups log), or (2) back up the course manually with debugging turned on to see what error message is displayed.
==See also==
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