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[[fr:Autoriser les attributions de rôles]]
[[fr:Autoriser les attributions de rôles]]
[[de:Rechte zur Rollenzuweisung]]

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Location: Administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles

The Allow role assignments page is for setting which roles each role can assign other users to. These roles are also available in the "Switch role to..." drop-down menu for users with the moodle/role:switchroles capability.

Default role assignments

  • Administrator - may assign all other roles
  • Course creator - may assign teacher, non-editing teacher, student and guest
  • Teacher - may assign non-editing teacher, student and guest

Enabling teachers to assign other teachers

Allow role assignments

By default, teachers can only assign other users the roles of non-editing teachers, students and guests. If you want teachers to be able to assign other teachers in their course, you can allow the role assignment:

  1. Click on Permissions in the Site Administration block, then Define roles.
  2. Click the Allow role assignments tab.
  3. Click the checkbox where the teacher row and column intersect.
  4. Click the "Save changes" button.

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