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[[Administrator|Admins]] (short for Administrators) can do anything and go anywhere in the site.
#redirect [[Site administrators]]
==Assigning users the role of admin==
To assign a user the role of admin in Moodle 1.7 onwards:
#Access ''Administration > Users > Permissions > Assign system roles''.
#Choose the administrator role to assign.
#Select a user in the potential users list, and use the left-facing arrow button to add it to the existing users list.
Note: Users should only be assigned the role of admin (i.e. a role with the capability [[Capabilities/moodle/site:doanything|moodle/site:doanything]] set to allow) in the system context.
==Creating admins pre-1.7 ==
To create an admin in versions of Moodle prior to 1.7:
#Login as the primary admin user.
#Click on the admin link at the bottom of the site administration block.
#Click on the "Assign admins" link.
#Select any of the users from the right column ('potential admins') of the screen and then click the "'''<'''" button.
To remove admin rights, simply follow the instructions above but select the existing admin from the left hand side and click the "'''>'''" button instead.
==Primary administrators==
In versions of Moodle prior to 1.7, only the [[Primary administrator pre-1.7|primary admin]] could create admins or remove admin rights for other users. In Moodle 1.7 onwards there is no primary administrator. However, a duplicate administrator role may be created with slightly fewer capabilities allowed.
==See also==
*[http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=36856 I lost my administrator's rights] forum discussion
*[http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=43562 How to create an extra admin account]
[[fr:Choisir les administrateurs]]

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