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{{About Moodle}}
heyy i am jessica and im in 8th grade at cfms. i love to play soccer. i am very friendly.
'''[[Moodle]]''' is a [http://download.moodle.org/ software package] for producing Internet-based courses and web sites. It is a global development project designed to support a [[Philosophy|social constructionist]] framework of education.
Moodle is provided freely as [http://opensource.org/docs/osd Open Source] software (under the [http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html GNU Public License]). Basically this means Moodle is copyrighted, but that you have additional freedoms. You are allowed to copy, use and modify Moodle provided that you agree to: '''provide the source to others; not modify or remove the original license and copyrights''', and '''apply this same license to any derivative work'''. Read the [[License|license]] for full details and please contact the [http://moodle.org/user/view.php?id=1&course=1 copyright holder] directly if you have any questions.
Moodle can be [[Installing Moodle|installed]] on any computer that can run [http://www.php.net/ PHP], and can support an SQL type database (for example [http://www.mysql.com/ MySQL]). It can be run on [[Complete_install_packages|Windows and  Mac]] operating systems and many flavors of linux (for example [[RedHat Linux installation| Red Hat]] or [[Debian GNU/Linux installation|Debian GNU]]). There are many knowledgable [http://moodle.com/partners/ Moodle Partners] to assist you, even [http://moodle.com/hosting/ host your Moodle site].
The word Moodle was originally an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, which is mostly useful to programmers and education theorists.  It's also a verb that describes the process of lazily meandering through something, doing things as it occurs to you to do them, an enjoyable tinkering that often leads to insight and creativity. As such it applies both to the way Moodle was developed, and to the way a student or teacher might approach studying or teaching an online course. Anyone who uses Moodle is a Moodler.
Come [http://moodle.org/community/ moodle with us]!
==See also==
*[[Teacher documentation |What does a teacher need to know?]] A good starting place to learn about the robust features in a Moodle course.
*[http://moodle.org/course/view.php?id=34 The Moodle "Features" Course] is a place to see how these things work.
*Later you might be ready for [http://demo.moodle.org/ Demo.moodle]. Here you can play on a Moodle site as a teacher, administrator or student.  Or [[Complete_install_packages#Install_complete_package| create a Moodle ]] on your own computer
*[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moodle The Moodle page at Wikipedia]. MoodleDocs and Wikipedia both use [[MediaWiki]].
*[http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Moodle Moodle] (Wikiversity)
*[[Moodle_manuals]] has many links or there is the [[Using Moodle book]] for those who must have an Adobe document to read or print.
*[[Moodle presentations| Here is where Moodlers]] share their "This is Moodle" presentations.
*[http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=moodlemoot Moodlemoots] are exciting Moodle conferences all over the world, with both face to face and virtual components.
*[[Documents useful for decision makers|Which course management software ?]] - Documents useful for decision makers
*Each of the links below will take you to a different alphabetical index of topics, such as the Administrator index or Teacher index.  
[[ca:Quant al Moodle]]
[[es:Acerca de Moodle]]
[[eu:Moodle-ri buruz]]
[[fr:À propos de Moodle]]
[[nl:Over Moodle]]
[[de:Was ist Moodle?]]
[[pt:Sobre o Moodle]]
[[ru:О Moodle]]
[[ko:무들에 대하여]]
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heyy i am jessica and im in 8th grade at cfms. i love to play soccer. i am very friendly.