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Guidelines for reviewing new Moodle sites

How site authorisation works

  • New Moodle site registrations are reviewed by a team of volunteers. If you're interested in helping, send a request to the Moodle helpdesk ( Only those with access will be able to access the approval site.
  • Go to Click the "Check new registrations" button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select a site from the list on the the left side panel (opening several, each in its own tab, works well.) The site and statistics at the time it was registered are displayed in the upper pane. Either accept or reject the site using the guidelines below. There's a text box to enter a brief reason for rejecting (e.g. can’t find server or no courses).
  • Large sites are automatically registered - only smaller sites appear on this list.
  • There's a button to “confirm as cool” if you find one.
  • Site admins receive notification of the action taken. They can easily re-register at a later date.

Guidelines for accepting a site

  • Site must be accessible and active
  • Site must have at least 1 active course
  • Site must look legitimate (look at graphics, text, domain name, etc)

Guidelines for rejecting a site

Reject site:

  • if it appears to be a test site or contains only test courses
  • if redirected to another site (e.g. a commercial site selling something)
  • if no courses are available
  • if authentication is required to enter the site
  • if authorisation is required to enter site
  • if it appears the site is spam related
  • if you receive any of the following messages:
    • address not found
    • page not found
    • not found
    • index of/
    • connection timed out
    • secure connection failed
    • forbidden - you do not have permission to enter this site
    • failed to connect

Fast and easy way to review sites:

  • use the "open in a separate tab" function in your browser to open approximately 10 sites, each in its own tab. This method is quicker because you don't have to wait for each site to load. After accepting or rejecting the site close the tab. The job is much quicker this way!