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The Simple CSV format is a very simple way of creating multiple choice questions using a '''[[CSV]]''' (Comma separated value) file.
The format looks like this:
  "Category","Question text","CA 1",...,"CA n","","WA 1", ... ,"WA m"
That is,
+ CA - Correct Answer, WA - Wrong Answer
+ one question - one row
+ en empty cell sepparates correct answers from wrong ones
+ category column is optional and it is used when selected during import
+ numbers of CAs and WAs may differ from each other inside the row and between rows
* You have to save the file in a [[CSV]] format. Don't save it as an Excel document or anything like that.
* Non-[[ASCII]] characters like 'quotes' can cause import errors. To avoid this, always save your text file in [[UTF-8]] encoding (most text editors, even [ Libre Office], will ask you).
==See also==
* [[Import questions]]
* [[qformat/csv]]

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