You Might Be a Moodler

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In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy's You Might be a Redneck -

  • If you have ever turned on a football game and and the orange uniforms of one team caused you to leap up from the sofa and check out, you might be a Moodler.
  • If you type "" in your browser when you intend to type ""
  • If you look up recipes in
  • If you look up recipes in and find them!
  • If you can spell Dougiamas without having to look it up.
  • If you can pronounce Dougiamas without having to look it up.
  • If you check the Moodle forums at 8:30 on a Saturday night.
  • If you find yourself heading to the bugtracker when the dishwasher is broken.
  • If you start seeing double square brackets around words you don't know the translation of.
  • If your neighbours wonder why you named your cats Helen and Howard.
  • Your spouse wants you to take up golf again because they hate being a 'moodle widow(er)' more.
  • You describe the color of something as "Moodle" orange.
  • If you find yourself logging in to during your summer holiday in Italy instead of enjoying the beautiful view or going to the beach. (Hi from Italy, Sigi)
  • If you come all the way from Germany to the US during your summer holiday and in addition to visiting lots of places you must absolutely go to a small town in South Carolina to find out about the latest Moodle tricks
  • You try to figure out how to grade e-mails from your friends without a drop down box
  • You find is down for some reason and the first thing you want to do is post on about it.
  • Every verb you use is 'to moodle'.
  • You go into a Chinese restaurant and ask for a side order of Moodles with your Egg Foo Young.
  • You know that the course id for Using Moodle is 5.
  • And even if you drive a car, you always drive it in 5th gear.
  • You throw away all but the orange M&M's.
  • You eat all but the orange M&M's (and keep it for good feng shui in your desktop).
  • You try to convince your wife and kids that there is a Disney Park in Perth.
  • You only recently discovered that typing an address in your browser takes you to a page outside
  • You sometimes refer to your third child as 1.3
  • Your default response to a rerun on TV is to fire up the laptop and check out
  • If you put little labels on your TV's remote control that say... view.php?id=1, view.php?id=2, etc ...
  • You have five browser windows open right now, four of which are Moodle sites.
  • Reading the forums is part of the morning routine: coffee, newspaper, wake up the children. . .
  • You find yourself adding items to a list that only the Moodle clique will understand.
  • You tell people to "Keep Moodling" and that they have been "Moodlised"
  • If instead of saying Have a good day you begin greeting folks by saying Happy Moodling! and even worse when you actually believe that the two statements mean the same thing. {Based on a true story}
  • If normal words start being morphed into Moodle-isms. For example, when someone asks How are you? you begin to reply with words like Moodle-rrific and Moodle-tastic. Subsequently, you get confused when someone gives you a quizzical look because they do not understand what have just said. {Based on a true story}
  • If your students start showing up to the Friday night football games wanting to know when the Moodle chant is going to begin and students begin painting MOODLE on their chests! {Based on a true story}