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### Navigation block
### Navigation block
### Change roles from any page
### Change roles from any page
### Secure RSS feed key
[[Category:User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2010]]
[[Category:User:James Neill/Moodleposium/2010]]

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Moodle 2.0 and the community: Martin Dougiamas, Moodle founder

Martin Dougiamas, just in from a conference in Greece, says we're actually doing pretty well in Australia - although criticism is part of the development cycle.

  1. xkcd universities webapage comic - good usability graphic - what would xkcd say about Moodle?
  2. Shows Moodle.org - 2nd oldest moodle site
  3. Demonstrates Moodle tracker, e.g., including QA (quality assurance) for testing whether things work in 2.0 - anyone can do this e.g., using their own latest version of Moodle - or http://qa.moodle.net (rebuilt every hour)
  4. Only 3 of the top 10 using Moodle countries are English-speaking; Spain is the highest use per capita
  5. Languages - http://lang.moodle.org - allows collaborative translation (uses AMOS - flags and tracks all 85 translations)
  6. Moodle 2.0 benefits
    1. Security improved
    2. Performance better
    3. Media/file management improved
    4. Integrations - Primarily a course management system - which integrates with intranet and/or wider world
    5. Usability
    6. New features e.g.,
      1. Navigation block
      2. Change roles from any page
      3. Secure RSS feed key